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Voice Prototyping

With ProtoPie's voice prototyping features, you can add realistic voice interactions to your prototypes using speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. Imagine voice commands that are recognized and text that is spoken out loud—creating a truly immersive experience.

By incorporating conversation design and voice interactions, you can easily create prototypes for accessibility, voice search, voice assistants, dictation apps, and so much more. It goes beyond traditional touch interactions, opening up new possibilities.

Creating voice interactions involves 1 trigger and 2 responses. The Listen response enables your prototype to listen for voice commands. To trigger responses based on voice commands, you can use the Voice Command trigger. Remember, the Listen response is always required before using the Voice Command trigger.

In addition, the Speak response allows your prototype to "speak" by reading text aloud.

As long as your computer or smart device has a microphone and internet access, you can enjoy prototypes with voice interactions. It works seamlessly in the following environments:

Speech-to-text interactions
  • Preview window of ProtoPie Studio
  • ProtoPie Player
  • ProtoPie Cloud
    • Google Chrome on desktop
    • Google Chrome on Android
Text-to-speech interactions
  • Preview window of ProtoPie Studio
  • ProtoPie Player
Supported languages for voice prototyping
  • 52 languages and language variants for listening.
  • 40 languages and language variants for speaking.
Send Feedback

Voice prototyping is currently in Beta. Your input is essential in making it even better! Whether you have suggestions for improvements or any other feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Learn by Doing

Voice Prototyping Masterclass

Learn to use above interactions effectively by engaging in interactive conversation exercises and studying real-world speech examples with the Masterclass in Advanced Voice Prototyping, a transformative project led by industry experts.

TV and Video Streaming UI Masterclass

A newly released masterclass. Learn how to prototype rich interactive TV interfaces using real-world examples i.e streaming channels such as Netflix, Disney Plus, etc.

Use Cases

Explore practical uses cases to learn more about what is possible to achieve using the voice prototyping feature.

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