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Sharing Prototypes

Sharing your prototypes with others is a seamless process in ProtoPie. You have full control over who can access your prototypes and how they are displayed when shared.

Also, you can pair your prototype with an interaction recording to give engineers all the interaction specifications they need for development.

Managing Prototype Access

When you're ready to share a prototype, click the Share button in the upper right area of the page. You can choose who can view and download the prototype, giving you full control over its accessibility.

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Allowing Anyone

By choosing this option, you allow anyone who receives the prototype’s link to view and/or download the prototype.

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Access Level

When sharing prototype links with stakeholders, you can customize the level of access using the Access Level menu. Here are the available options:

  • Can view & download: Anyone who receives the prototype's link can both view and download the prototype.
  • Can view: Anyone who receives the prototype's link can only view the prototype without the ability to download it.
  • Can view prototypes only: This option is ideal for user testing as it simplifies the process of sharing and accessing prototype links. However, it doesn’t allow you to customize how the prototype displays on web browsers. For more customization, use the above options.
  • No access: The prototype remains inaccessible to anyone outside of your team space.
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Allowing Team Members

Pro and Enterprise plans only.

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You can restrict access to your prototype exclusively to members of your team space. By enabling this setting, only team members can access the prototype.

Password Protection

Sharing prototypes externally can raise concerns about unauthorized access. To address this, we offer password protection, which adds an extra layer of security to your shared prototypes.

By enabling password protection, you can ensure that only individuals with the correct password can access your prototypes.

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  1. Click on Share in the upper-right area of the Pie page.
  2. Click on the section below the space owner's name.
  3. Select Anyone with the link & password.
  4. Type in your password.
  5. Click Save.

Shareable Link Expiry

Enterprise plan only

The Enterprise plan allows you to set an expiration for shared links of your prototypes. This ensures that the link becomes inactive and inaccessible once the specified time has elapsed, providing an added layer of protection for your sensitive designs.

This feature will become available after allowing anyone with the link to access your prototype.

You can select the expiration period for the shareable link, ranging from 1 day, 3 days, to 1 week.

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Change Scene

Effortlessly navigate your prototype scenes using the "Change Scene" option. Generate dedicated links for each scene, having precise control over your sharing experience. This feature is especially valuable for designers and researchers testing prototypes on platforms like Maze.

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View Options

To ensure that your stakeholders have the best viewing experience, ProtoPie allows you to customize the display options before sharing your prototypes.

Click on the Gear icon to access the display options. Choose various display options such as device frame visibility, cursor type, hotspot hints, and more.

Once you have selected the display options, share the prototype with your testers using the "Copy Link" option under Share or by copying the link directly from the address bar. When your testers open the link, they can view the prototype exactly as you intended, with all the display settings you activated.

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  • Original Size (100%): Display the original size of the prototype.
  • Scale to Fit: Scale the prototype to fit within the browser.
  • Hotspot Hints: Highlight touchable areas for easier navigation.
  • Device Frame: Showcase the prototype within a device frame.
  • ProtoPie UI: Include ProtoPie Cloud's interface, such as the toolbar.
  • Cursor Type: Choose between touchpoint or arrow cursor.
  • Background: Set a custom background color for the prototype.
  • Playback Speed: Adjust the speed of the prototype playback.

Sharing without Distractions

Create a focused experience for stakeholders by eliminating visual distractions. Enable Scale to Fit and disable ProtoPie UI (and optionally Device Frame) when sharing your prototype.

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Sharing with Hotspot Hints

Simplify navigation for stakeholders by enabling Hotspot Hints and highlighting touchable areas in the prototype.

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Sharing for Usability Testing

If you conduct usability testing on a desktop, you might want to share your prototype without unnecessary visual distractions. Learn more about how to achieve this.

If you conduct usability testing on mobile or tablet, we recommend using ProtoPie Player for a realistic experience.

Sharing with Engineers

Enhance the development process by pairing your prototype with interaction recordings for engineers. Sharing the prototype and one or multiple interaction recordings ensures that engineers can access all the necessary interaction specs for development.

Click on the Handoff button to create interaction recordings that engineers can easily follow and reference during their work. This enables engineers to translate your design into a functional product accurately.

Learn more about the handoff feature.

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