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Projects allow teams to organize prototypes more effectively within a team space.

Open "Projects" to get an overview of all public projects created in your team space, as well as the private projects you are a member of.

There are two types of projects: public and private.

  • Public projects:
    • All team members have access.
    • Can be converted to a private project.
  • Private projects:
    • Only project members have access.
    • Cannot be converted to a public project.

Creating Projects

Any team member can create projects. However, only editors can upload prototypes to a project. Learn more about editors & viewers.

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  1. To create a project in your team space, follow these steps:
  2. Click on Create Project.
  3. Choose whether to make the project private or public. Keep in mind that once a project is set to private, it cannot be reverted back to public.
  4. Enter a title and brief description for the project.
  5. Click on Create.

Managing Projects

The person who creates the project becomes the project owner and manages its settings. This includes tasks such as changing the name and description, transferring ownership, and archiving the project. Only the project owner can convert a public project to a private one.

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Managing Members in a Private Project

Only selected members, known as project members, have access to a private project.

To add or remove members from a private project, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the + icon.
  2. Add or remove members as needed.
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Active & Archived Projects

A project can have one of two statuses: active or archived.

Active Projects

The Active tab displays all currently active projects. All team members have access to prototypes in these projects, but only editors can upload prototypes to them.

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Archived Projects

Team members can archive projects they no longer need. All archived projects can be found under the Archived tab. Prototypes in archived projects cannot be accessed, and editors cannot upload prototypes to them. To make an archived project active again, restore it.

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