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Onboarding Your Team

You have been advocating for ProtoPie in your company, and your team has recently subscribed to the Pro plan.

Introducing a new tool or switching to new software can be challenging and sensitive. Use this guide to onboard your team efficiently.

If you haven't created your team space yet, click here to learn more about how to create one. If you need to add new members first, you can also learn more about how to do so.

1. Creating a Shared Understanding

Adopting new tools in a design team can be challenging. Chances are, you've been through this process several times before.

Before introducing ProtoPie to your team, make sure everyone is on the same page. Help them understand:

  • What is ProtoPie, and what does it do?
  • How can ProtoPie benefit you?
  • How can ProtoPie help you perform better?
  • Why did you choose ProtoPie?

This prototype will help your team quickly visualize how ProtoPie can elevate their workflow.

The more shared understanding your team has, the better equipped they will be to adopt ProtoPie!

2. Learning Together

Everyone is busy and has their own preferred learning style. However, here are some effective suggestions for speeding up learning within your team:

  • Share prototype examples demonstrating the type of interactions your team usually works on. This way, your team can discover faster how ProtoPie can benefit your workflow.
  • Organize internal workshops to train your team on using ProtoPie effectively. Workshops are an excellent opportunity to encourage dialogue, address any questions, and demonstrate how ProtoPie can add value to your projects.

If your team members prefer to learn independently, encourage them to watch the free courses available on ProtoPie School:

ProtoPie 101 Course on ProtoPie School

The ProtoPie 101 Crash Course on ProtoPie School covers everything your team needs to start creating high-fidelity prototypes using ProtoPie's Studio, Player and Cloud.

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This course is perfect for those who want to start with the basics and gradually progress to key features at their own pace.

ProtoPie Connect Course on ProtoPie School

The Connect Course on ProtoPie School teaches you how to bring connected, multi-screen experiences to life using ProtoPie Connect.

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Encourage your team members to take this course if you need to create prototypes that span multiple screens, devices, and custom displays and require integration with hardware and APIs.

Masterclass Course on ProtoPie School

Take your team’s prototyping skills to the next level with the Masterclass Course on ProtoPie School.

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Led by ProtoPie expert Jeffrey Clarke, this course teaches how to efficiently build large-scale projects and create multi-screen experiences using ProtoPie's advanced features.

Learning From Others

Join our communities and learn from fellow ProtoPie users. Engage, ask questions, and share anything that comes to mind. Find tips, tricks, and solutions that other users have shared before.

3. Reusing Interactions

The prototypes you have been creating are most likely useful for your team. Encourage them to reuse your interactions for their prototypes.

Example Prototypes

To help your team become familiar with ProtoPie faster, share your example prototypes in a public project in your team space. This dedicated project will enable them to analyze, learn from, and effectively reuse those prototypes.

Components & Team Libraries

Design teams often need to reuse specific interactions across their prototypes. Creating reusable components can save time and effort! Learn more about components.

Components can be brought together in team libraries. These libraries are collections of components your team can access and use in their prototypes. Learn more about how to create team libraries.

4. Bringing ProtoPie into the Workflow

Your workflow involves stakeholders beyond the design team, including engineers, product managers, and researchers. They all use your prototypes in different ways and for specific purposes.

Make sure that these stakeholders can also benefit from your team's prototypes.

Sharing & Testing

Upload your prototypes to the cloud and share the link with stakeholders. Depending on the prototype, stakeholders can test it on a desktop or mobile browser or using ProtoPie Player. In the desktop browser, they can even leave comments to give you feedback.

Stakeholders can use cloud prototypes for usability testing and share their links with other stakeholders. If you're dealing with sensitive work, you can activate password protection for your prototype or use expiring links. Learn more about configuring password protection and expiring links on ProtoPie Cloud.

Handing Off Interactions Specs

To provide engineers with all the information they need for development, create an interaction recording of your prototype. This recording includes all interaction specifications, such as duration, delay, and easing.

Learn more about how to create interaction recordings.

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