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Handoff serves as a valuable reference for engineers during the implementation of interactions from your prototype into production. It acts as a bridge, allowing you to communicate and collaborate effectively.

When you create interactive prototypes using ProtoPie, you may include various interactions, animations, and design specifications to demonstrate how the user interface should behave and function. These interactions can be quite complex and may involve multiple elements working together at the same time.

The Handoff feature in ProtoPie enables you to capture and document these interactions in a detailed manner. Specifically, it allows you to create interaction recordings that showcase specific user flows, the behavior of different elements, and the overall integration of interactions within the project.

By providing comprehensive specifications such as the duration of interactions, delays, and easing functions, the Handoff feature gives developers a clear and accurate understanding of how your interactions are intended to work. This information serves as a valuable reference during the implementation process.

The Handoff feature is accessible to all users, regardless of their plan, although Free plan users have a limit of two interaction recordings per prototype in the cloud. Nonetheless, this powerful tool remains at the disposal of every user, facilitating a smoother collaboration with development teams and ensuring that the final product accurately reflects your vision.

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