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A scene is comparable to an artboard in Sketch and Adobe XD, and a top-level frame in Figma. There is no limit to the number of scenes you can add to a prototype in ProtoPie. To modify the size of your scene, choose a device or enter a custom size in the Select Device menu.

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Navigating between Scenes

ProtoPie's scenes are not displayed side-by-side as in most design tools. In ProtoPie you always edit scenes individually.

Rulers & Guides

It can be difficult to align objects, shapes, or text layers on the canvas. This is where rulers & guides come in handy. These visual tools are now here to help you quickly and precisely align objects, measure distances, and prototype faster.

Showing/hiding rulers

Rulers appear at the top and left sides of your canvas area in ProtoPie Studio. First, make sure to enable rulers & guides in Labs. To show/hide rulers, use Shift + R, or select Show/Hide Rules under View in the application menu.

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Creating guides

To create a vertical or horizontal guide, hover the mouse over the ruler area, then simply drag and drop the resize cursor.

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Removing guides is simple. You can do this in three ways.

  1. Select a guide and press Delete.
  2. Drag the guide back to the ruler area.
  3. Go to View and select Clear Guides.
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The guides will remain active even after saving and quitting the prototype. However, they will not display upon opening an entirely new tab.

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