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You Spoke, We Listened: Introducing ProtoPie’s Basic Plan

Explore how our new Basic Plan offers freelancers and individuals high-fidelity prototyping features to impress clients and accelerate career growth.

Denise Wilhaus
Denise Wilhaus, Growth Marketing ManagerApril 2, 2024
ProtoPie plans, including the new basic plan.

In response to feedback from our valued users, who emphasized the need for a more affordable option tailored to freelancers, we're thrilled to unveil ProtoPie's latest offering: the Basic plan.

Designed with freelancers and individuals in mind, this plan not only equips you with powerful high-fidelity prototyping features but also ensures you stay ahead of the curve without straining your budget. At ProtoPie, we believe in empowering every designer to turn their vision into reality, and the Basic plan is our commitment to making high-fidelity prototyping accessible to all.


Create prototypes that set you apart from the competition with the Basic plan

With ProtoPie's high-fidelity prototyping features included in the Basic plan, you can not only bring your creative visions to life but also position yourself to earn more income and win more clients. Deliver polished, high-fidelity prototypes to surpass competitors and showcase your expertise. Don't just keep up with the industry standards—set the bar higher and propel your career forward with ProtoPie Basic.

What’s in the Basic plan?

ProtoPie's Basic plan is tailored to meet the needs of freelancers and individuals looking for a powerful prototyping tool for high-fidelity prototyping. Here’s what you can expect with the Basic plan.

Affordable pricing:

Enjoy the benefits of ProtoPie's Basic plan at an affordable price point, starting at just $25 per month with the yearly subscription. This makes high-fidelity prototyping accessible to designers of all levels without compromising quality.

High-fidelity prototyping features:

Experience the power of high-fidelity prototyping with ProtoPie's advanced features, including interactive text fields, camera interactions, voice prototyping, and gesture interactions. Elevate your designs and create immersive user experiences that stand out from the crowd.

No watermark:

With ProtoPie's Basic plan, your prototypes will not have a watermark. Enjoy a polished and professional presentation without distracting marks, ensuring your designs can convince your clients.

Up to 20 Pies and 10 scenes:

Empower your creativity with the ability to craft up to 20 prototypes, each accommodating up to 10 scenes. Within these limits, you have the freedom to fully realize your design ideas.

Effortless handoff:

Make your design-to-development handoff seamless with ProtoPie’s Handoff feature. Through precise interaction recordings, effortlessly showcase the dynamics of your prototypes— every animation, interaction, and user flow. It’s like giving developers a tour of your creative vision, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

And more:

To get a more detailed overview of everything included in the new Basic plan, head over to the pricing page.

What will happen to the Free plan?

We understand the importance of providing a free plan that allows designers to explore ProtoPie's capabilities without any financial commitment. Rest assured, the Free plan will remain available to all users.

However, prototypes created on the free plan will have a watermark. We remain committed to supporting designers at every stage of their journey, whether they're just starting out or looking to take their prototyping to the next level.

Will it be possible to collaborate with team members on the Basic plan?

The Basic plan is tailored to freelancers and individuals. If you need to collaborate with team members, consider upgrading to the Pro plan. Our Pro plan caters to companies, teams, and agencies, providing access to more advanced prototyping features, increased usage limits, and comprehensive collaboration features.

Get started with ProtoPie's Basic plan today!

Embark on a journey of success with ProtoPie's Basic plan tailored for freelancers and individuals. Elevate your prototyping game, impress potential clients, and win projects with confidence. Sign up today to unlock the tools you need to showcase your creativity, stand out in a competitive market, and attract clients eager to collaborate with a visionary designer like yourself!