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Pro vs. Enterprise Plan : Which One Best Suits Your Needs?

Find out what sets these two plans apart and which is the best fit for your team.

Patricia Franciskovic
Patricia Franciskovic, Customer Success ManagerJuly 27, 2022

You’re confident that ProtoPie is a tool your team needs in their tech stack. However, you’re full of doubt over which of our several plans to use. This article will clear up those niggling doubts and help you choose the right plan for your team’s workflow.

Along with releasing the new Free plan, we released the Pro plan on May 30, 2022, for teams who prototype advanced digital experiences in ProtoPie.

Since its launch in 2019, the Enterprise plan has been enhanced to offer more security features and, crucially, the ability to prototype for industry-specific devices, including smartwatches and custom hardware.

Both Pro and Enterprise plans enable design teams to create extremely realistic prototypes for a wide range of displays and devices.

But how different are they, and which one is right for your team? Without further ado, let’s dig into their differences and specificities.


ProtoPie Connect

The Pro plan allows you to create and test highly realistic prototypes in a flexible, collaboration-friendly ecosystem — without the feature restrictions of the Free plan.

What makes the Pro plan particularly suited to teams prototyping innovative products is the access to ProtoPie Connect.

ProtoPie Connect is an extension app that unlocks powerful features in the ProtoPie ecosystem. In particular, it makes it possible to recreate digital experiences involving multiple displays, hardware, and APIs.

Although ProtoPie Connect is available to both Pro and Enterprise users, there are some important differences to consider when choosing a ProtoPie plan.

Connect for the Pro plan vs. Connect for the Enterprise plan

The Pro plan only gives access to the basic functionalities and built-in plugins of Connect Desktop — ProtoPie Connect’s desktop app.

These include the following:

  • The ability to run more than two prototypes simultaneously (in the Player app and/or on web browsers)
  • Run mobile and desktop prototypes offline (via localhost)
  • Debug messages sent and received between prototypes, hardware, and APIs
  • Use six built-in plugins: Arduino, Logitech G29 Steering Wheel, blokdots, IFTTT, Gamepad, and the API plugin — to integrate your prototypes with the hardware and APIs supported by these services.

Connect for the Enterprise plan gives you all of the above features. However, the Enterprise plan unlocks the ability to:

  • Run prototypes on Google Wear OS Smartwatches
  • Add your custom plugins to Connect Desktop — to create interactions between ProtoPie prototypes and any custom hardware or API using Socket.IO messages and bridge apps
  • Use ProtoPie Connect Embedded — to run prototypes in embedded systems and offline environments such as Linux

In short, Connect for the Enterprise plan gives you greater flexibility and customization potential when connecting ProtoPie prototypes to APIs and custom hardware and devices.


However, the differences are not limited to ProtoPie Connect. The Enterprise plan comes with unique features making it the ideal solution for large organizations with strict security requirements.


Aside from enabling teams to make the most out of ProtoPie Connect, the Enterprise plan is also the ProtoPie plan with the highest level of security.

Depending on your company’s security requirements, you have the choice between two tiers:

  • On-Premises — allowing you to store ProtoPie data in your server
  • Private-Cloud — securing your data in an isolated private cloud at AWS

Whereas, Pro plan subscribers’ data are always stored at ProtoPie’s AWS Cloud in Oregon (USA).

Teams on the Enterprise plan can also use single sign-on (SSO) to access their ProtoPie environment, killing two birds with one stone by strengthening security while achieving greater efficiency.

If security is a top priority for your organization, the Enterprise plan is a better fit.

Support & Training

Compared to Free plan users, Pro plan subscribers benefit from better support. For example, if you need help creating an interaction in ProtoPie Studio or debugging mistakes in a prototype, a Pro plan user needn’t solely rely on the community to help. Pro plan users can simply contact our support team through our dedicated support form and receive professional guidance.

The Enterprise plan goes one step further. Enterprise users are given priority support by dedicated account managers. Moreover, only companies on the Enterprise plan can request in-depth assistance replete with security assessments and legal agreements.

This premium service is extended to education and training for teams on the Enterprise plan. They can achieve success faster in ProtoPie through private workshops for all levels of expertise given by experienced ProtoPie trainers.



Using ProtoPie across different teams within the same organization? The Enterprise plan allows organizations to create multiple ProtoPie teams in a single secure environment.

Enterprise service admins can create new teams anytime in the Admin Dashboard and designate a team owner for each. Designers can create team-specific component libraries and projects. All in all, you can grow and scale your organization while keeping your ProtoPie environment efficient and well-organized.


In the end, both Pro and Enterprise plans offer a team-oriented and flexible environment for collaborating on cutting-edge digital experiences. If your team doesn’t have strict security requirements and doesn’t necessarily need personalized training or the advanced functionalities of ProtoPie Connect, then you may want to opt for the Pro plan.

But if you’re part of a security-conscious organization, if you have multi-team capabilities, or if you want the ability to add custom integrations to ProtoPie Connect, the Enterprise plan is for you.

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