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Become a ProtoPie Ambassador

Learn about how to join our community of inspiring Ambassadors. Connect with other passionate digital creators and the ProtoPie team!

Patricia Franciskovic
Patricia Franciskovic, Customer Success ManagerSeptember 7, 2021
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We're always eager to support ProtoPie enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing people together and help them expand their prototyping skills! Whether you'd love to start a local community, organize events or create original content using ProtoPie, our team will help you turn it into success!

By becoming a ProtoPie Ambassador, you'll join a network of talented digital creators and enjoy exclusive perks. All we ask is your sincere commitment to our requirements and Code of Conduct.

Follow the guidelines below to apply to ProtoPie Ambassadors and start sharing your passion!

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Goals & opportunities

Connect with like-minded people

Whether you join our Ambassadors community as event organizer, content maker or community leader, ProtoPie Ambassadors gives you the opportunity to make meaningful connections and network with other passionate users and members of the ProtoPie team.

Inspire and be inspired

By joining ProtoPie Ambassadors, you can inspire and empower others to create and prototype the next generation of digital products and experiences. Nurture new ideas and get feedback from other ambassadors and members of the ProtoPie community!

Grow, together

Join a positive and supportive community of ProtoPie enthusiasts from all over the world! It's a fantastic opportunity to share good practices, learn from each other and develop your skills!

ProtoPie Design Thinking workshop

Rules & Requirements

You can choose how to contribute as an Ambassador. This could be organizing events, starting your own local community, creating content using ProtoPie or being a top contributor in the ProtoPie community - it's really up to you!

However, we ask our Ambassadors to:

  • adhere to our Code of Conduct
  • commit to a minimum of 2 big (+ 50 attendees) or 3 smaller events per year (if you apply as event organizer)
  • create at least 1 piece of content every 3 months and have an active online community (if you apply as content creator)
  • dedicate at least 2-3 hours per week to community activities - such as starting/joining conversations or sharing knowledge - and have intermediate to advanced ProtoPie skills (if you apply as community leader or top contributor)
  • be an active member of our user community
  • occasionally contribute to our live events and/or blog articles

Membership lasts for one year, but you can always renew it.
Note: Ambassadors who repeatedly fail to comply with these rules and/or our Code of Conduct will have their memberships revoked.


  • Access to the "ProtoPie Ambassadors" Team Space (Pro plan/ ProtoPie Connect included)
  • Access to the "ProtoPie Ambassadors" Community channel
  • ProtoPie swags
  • Earlier access to new releases
  • Invitation to exclusive Ambassador events and workshops
  • Support for events (e.g. swags, special discounts, co-marketing)
  • Ambassador profile card on our Community Page
  • Special mentions in our social media channels and community
  • Access to our affiliate partner program

How to join

  1. Fill out this application form completely
  2. Agree to our Code of Conduct
  3. Attach a short video in which you introduce yourself and tell us why you'd like to become a ProtoPie Ambassador
  4. Submit your application

Applications will be reviewed by our team every 7 days. We'll let you know by email whether or not your application has been accepted.

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What does a ProtoPie Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors are volunteer enthusiasts who are passionate about ProtoPie and bringing people together around creating and prototyping next-generation digital products! They typically organize online/offline events, lead communities or make courses, tutorials, and other original content featuring ProtoPie.

Do I have to be a ProtoPie expert to be an Ambassador?

You don't need to be a ProtoPie genius to join the program. We believe that being passionate about ProtoPie and exploring ideas freely is more important than knowledge. However, we do ask applicants who join as community leaders to have intermediate to advanced ProtoPie skills, to guide less experienced members.

If I become an Ambassador, will I be in direct contact with the ProtoPie team?

Sure, our team will help you get started and support you all the way. You'll be invited to join our ProtoPie Ambassadors Community, where you can connect to other ambassadors and reach out to our Community Success team anytime.

Do I have to be fluent in English to be an Ambassador?

Not at all! We love to welcome Ambassadors from all over the world who speak different languages. If you'd like to start a new ProtoPie community in a language other than English, it's absolutely something we'd love to support.

Can I make money as a ProtoPie Ambassador?

There are no official opportunities to make money within the ProtoPie Ambassadors program. However, it's possible to be a ProtoPie Ambassador and do consulting or freelance services on ProtoPie at the same time.